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Save Zambias Future Foundation (SaZaFFo) is a local US based 5103 not for profit organization established in 2003 by Ms Nsamwa Lungu, who is the Founder, President and CEO of the organization.
Based in New York City, the organizations primary goal is to create awareness, and lobby for financial resources to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on children and women in Zambia.

Mission Statement

We believe that Children are the most valuable resource and future of a nation, SaZaFFo is committed to alleviate the suffering of the one million HIV/AIDS orphans by finding new homes for the homeless children, to facilitate a healthy, safe, happy, and love filled environment that will enable them grow into stable, confident and productive adults who will continue to up hold all the Zambian traditions, understanding the great importance of preventing diseases especially HIV/AIDS.
We believe to successfully fight HIV/AIDS we must eliminate poverty by working hand in hand in total unity with the community through reeducation, training and offering all the necessary resources to make a disease, poverty free society, where women are strong self reliant , can take care of their families, understand their role in the fight against HIV/AIDS and new HIV/AIDS transmission is at the lowest; where HIV/AIDS is found we will afford the state of the art anti HIV/AIDS medication in all corners of Zambia. Our firm belief in working in complete partnership with the Church Clergy , volunteers, professionals and community will ensure Zambia has no homeless orphans, HIV/AIDS will be completely controlled to it lowest numbers and poverty will be eradicated .

Our Purposes and Objectives

The purpose of this foundation is to Fight HIV/AIDS and POVERTY in Zambia, by taking care of the most vulnerable groups in Zambia which are the one million HIV/AIDS orphans, the girl child ,women and HIV infected individuals.

The purposes of this foundation shall be accomplished as follows by working with local Zambian projects and facilities to achieve this below;

1. The organization will work with local Zambians to form and maintain facilities that will identify all the orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS and s provide shelter either in foster home, with living extended families, orphanages and adoption. These are ages 0-21 years of age.
1(a); The organization will use the principle that every child is different and an individual, and the organization will approach each child differently according to needs, wants and abilities of the child.
1 (b) ; As these children have lost their parents it is imperative these children grow up knowing and practicing the Zambian traditions, cultures and values. The organization will make sure these children learn all the Zambian traditions cultures, taboos and values depending on the childs tribe. Specific traditions that are peculiar to certain tribes will be imparted and taught to the children according the childs tribe. The organization will use the conservative tradition methods as means of fighting HIV effectively, balancing the need to have high self esteem by girl children as sure way for ensuring HIV does not claim lives of girl children and women at an early tender age.

2. The organization will engage in community out reach programs to teach the whole community on the importance of unity and organization as the only means of fighting Poverty and HIV/AIDS, also other methods to fight HIV will be reeducated to the whole community. The information will be disseminated through seminars, pamphlets, rallies and videos.

3. The organization will engage in massive reeducation in the communities on their roles on the fight against HIV/AIDS, Poverty, the importance of them relearning old behaviors that has lead to the gargantuan pandemic HIV/AIDS and Poverty and why it is imperative they adopt a new mentality on their role to fight HIV/AIDS and Poverty.
3(a); The organization will provide care, medication, psychological care,
Support groups to HIV patients as well as dignified end of life by offering hospice services and long term care.

4. the organization will work with the local Catholic Church, volunteers and salaried workers to achieve all these purposes.
SECTION 8; The organization will cooperate and work with other similar organizations in achieving the same goals.

Our Beliefs

1. SaZaFFo is dedicated to the belief that Children are the most priceless, valuable resource of any society and also the most vulnerable, and that they must be no excuse to let children suffer by the hands of preventable disease, hunger, homelessness, poverty and the loss of parents. And therefore, the most important and immediate purpose of the organization is to alleviate suffering of children.

2. The organization also believes that to effectively and successfully fight HIV/AIDS we must fight POVERTY. To fight poverty we must empower woman, by providing literacy classes, further training in various careers including small business, also provide funds for these small business. Empowering women with other alternatives of earning a living other than dependency on men, which leads to a reduction of HIV infection in women.

3. We also believe that to work with the community at large by reeducating the entire community on new ways to fight the pandemic HIV/AIDS, work together as one entity is the only way that will reduce the spread of HIV and save more lives.
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